Highlights Of The Best And Worst Things That Happened In 2017

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I can’t believe 2017 is nearly coming to an end! I’m typing this on the 31st December 2017 but omg has time fly by.

There has been some GOOD and mostly BAD things that had happened to me (and especially the Kpop fandom sadly for the bad part) that I know that I got to acknowledge and change in 2018.

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So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let’s get right into it!

I could say 2017 wasn't worst than 2016. It has it's ups and downs. Here are the highlights for the year. #highlights #2017 #goodandbad #newsyears #yearinreview #yearlyreview

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• I finally got my learners permit
• Invested in self-hosting my blog
• My lover and best friend
• Having my own debit card along with taking control of my bank account
• Getting the hang of applying on makeup (well at least my eyeliner is getting better I guess)
• Cooking my own food
• The books I’ve read this year
Loving myself
• Getting A’s & B’s in school
• Exercising
Loving the way I look
• Being open about my feelings
Interacting with more bloggers and finding out more blogs out there


• The trends *cringing*
Comparing myself to other people
Jonghyun’s death
Triggered by loud sounds/ people talking loudly
Procrastinating a lot on YouTube
Spending so much money
Losing contact with my friends in real life
• Jealousy of others
• Jobless
• Judging people based on their actions and appearances
• Caring about how other people think about me
• Not socialising (introverted habits)
• Shyness
• Junk food

I hope 2018 would be a better year and hope to see the changes that will happen. What are your 2017 highlights? I would love to know! Maybe that would inspire me to change my bad habits for next year.

If you have a post you would like to share in relation to 2017, leave it down in the comments also!

I could say 2017 wasn't worst than 2016. It has it's ups and downs. Here are the highlights for the year. #highlights #2017 #goodandbad #newsyears #yearinreview #yearlyreview

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~ Ellen


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