Top 10 Greatest Solutions for Relieving Stress

Hey guys, Have you ever felt like your head was going to explode into a million pieces over a big project or just work and school in general? I’ve definitely had. As a teenager (if you ever consider an 18-year-old a teenager) who has school and growing a business, it can be pretty stressful once…

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7 Unpopular Opinions That You Might Disagree On

Hey guys, The other day, Brittney Lee Saunders, my favourite Australian Youtuber, uploaded a video called “Unpopular Opinion”. This video gave me ideas about whether on not you guys agree or disagree with what I agree or disagree with (if that makes any sense).   If you don’t know what “unpopular opinions” stands for, it…

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Dear Me A Year Ago

Hey guys, A few weeks ago, I did a post called “A letter to my younger self from my past self” with a secret plot twist. Now, I got that from my private journal so now, I’m taking out something that I have been very subconscious lately. And it is this page that I wrote…

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