Should You Change Your Sleeping Schedule?

Hey guys It’s been forever since I’ve posted but don’t worry, I’ve got someone special to take over for a day…┬áMultipotentialite! Here, she talks about why changing your sleep habits is important when it comes to your health or even your life! I hope you guys enjoy this post and make sure to check her…

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Annoncement for my Readers

Hey guys You might not know why I haven’t been posting 2 posts last week but school has been hectic and with September coming up, I got a lot of projects that I need to due and a lot of studying for my Exams. This is a different and weird day to post but I…

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10 Chick-Flicks that you should Already be Watching!

Hey guys I’ve been recently addicted to watching chick flicks lately and I’m not afraid to admit that I’m watching the old same classics over and over again. Yes, I’m a big fan of these movies that I’m going to be listing with you today and if you haven’t watched these chick flicks before, then…

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