20 Top Leisure Activities to Spend Your Relaxed Spare Time

There are so many things you can do during your spare time. Of course, this post involves the top leisure activities that you may enjoy doing during your free time.

I've been in your place. I know what it is like to keep yourself busy and not have that free time to enjoy doing the things that you like.

I came up with a list of the top 20 leisure activities you can do in your spare time which include:

  • watching YouTube
  • playing video games
  • taking a nap
  • crafting
  • making art

So grab your mug of coffee or tea and let's get right into it!

20 Ways you can Spend your Spare Time

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Top Leisure Activities To Do During Your Leisure Time


You can watch anything for free on this site! Watch different creative videos that you enjoy.

There are so many contents that will interest you like beauty, comedy, drama, vlogs, conspiracy theories, etc.

You can learn more through these posts here:

Video games

Games are fun and release stress. You can play them on consoles like Playstations, Nintendo, Xbox, etc.

Play them just on your computer or even your devices like your phone or tablet.


If you don't like naps, then I suggest you leave! Naps are great when you just need to step it down and take a rest.

Take a 15-25 mins power nap and wake up feeling reborn.

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Make art

Art doesn't mean just painting and drawing. Try crafting & DIYs, creating music, dancing, cooking a new recipe, sculptures, knitting, etc.


Read your favourite book. It doesn't have to be a physical book. You can always go on a free reading site like Wattpad or you can go to BookBub and get free ebook deals (not sponsored btw, I just want to share this because you get free Amazon ebooks).


Who could forget? Let out your inner spirit shine! Meditation and Yoga help relieve stress, find awareness and calms you down.

Go on Pinterest

This visual search engine site helps you find new creative ideas or simply just find stunning images.

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Sit in the sun

We need a little vitamin D in our system, right? (Well more than a little actually).

Soak in the sun while reading a book, meditate or just staring up at the blue sky.

Get lost in Google

There are some really weird sites out there, I'm not even kidding. You can do the same thing on YouTube.


I mean, you can't just leave everything to do by itself. Organise and plan out your week ahead so you don't have to stress out later on. Use planners like Erin Condren just to motivate yourself to use your planner.

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Organise your home

I promise you that after you organise and declutter your room, you'll feel more relief.

Not only do you feel successful about yourself but you will also find out things that have been lost 3 months ago.

You can even give away your older items to charity or sell them online for cash.

Road trip for a day

Even if it's just for one day, go on a small road trip with your mates to a place far away from your hometown.

You'll make good memories and have a good time.

Listen to music

Simple. Music can put us in the mood for everything.

Cheerful, happy music can make you feel happy. Soul, deep music can make you feel. Bopping music can make you dance and the list goes on.

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Declutter your technology

Not only can you declutter your room or closet but you can always clean up the devices you use every day.

It helps make it faster and clear away photos, files or apps you don't need for free space.

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Binge watch a series

Binge-watch your favourite tv shows on Netflix. Or be like me and binge-watch Kdramas.

You can also have a movie day and watch movies all day.

Hang out with friends

Haven't seen your mates in forever? Take the day off and spend time with them.

No, I don't mean texting or calling them. I mean, meet up for real and actually socialise.


You can either go to the GYM, take a jog to the park or your neighbourhood or do it at home.

You can pretty much exercise anywhere. Look up on Pinterest where there are plenty of infographics on home exercise routines.

Drink a large cup of coffee or tea

Just take a moment and sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and be aware of the moment.


Learn something new that you're interested in. This is one way to pass the time in your spare time.

There are plenty of free courses out there like CreativeLive and, if you have a library card, you can sign up to Lynda.com using that library card and learn different courses for free.

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Watch TED talks

Ted talks have thousands of videos for you to be inspired and motivated. From speeches, success and even helpful problems that can be resolved through scientific research.


I hope you enjoyed this top list of leisure activities to do during your spare time. You can try multiple things and see how it goes for you.

Do you have things that you do in your leisure time or any types of hobbies that make you feel more relaxed?

Don't fall for the trap of wasting your free time doing nothing! These 20 ways will be worth your free time. #freetime #breaks #fun #hobbies #hobby #time #productivity

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~ Ellen